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About Us

Since its inception Lazolina adopted a philosophy of quality and variety, customer satisfaction has been the basic principle acts on the structure. Lazonina apparel sector, especially large size, comfort and style is a combination of factors unique designs and wide range of products in the industry has an important mission to vacuum style. All Arab nations, All the Balkan countries, the U.S., Germany, UK, Netherlands, France, Russia, Ukraine Export-only a few of the range of our country. Lazolinaproprietaryandpatentedbrands.

Mission and Vision

Based on the latest developments in technology, innovation and international scale structure is eminent and respected image of Turkey as an ideal to adopt industrialization and development of the service, the country's economy Production, Export and employment, and contributing to the community and the environment-sensitive, high-quality service and customer principle to provide services to partners and also to all employees on a regular basis with the objective of providing profitability kitlenmis these goals, to become a global brand leader in its sector.

Quality Policy

Birlesip become completed in a corporate culture of our staff, their families, members of our highly motivated and proud duymalarını to reach; Global markets and technological developments closely monitor them to be adapted quickly, giving importance to the work of the R & D of new products with high competitive power Improve this world to near to enter into relationships with leading technology companies, guvenirlilige and high reputation in the market place by providing jobs Ahlakına is important to have a first degree.


In today's business world, enterprises can perform the activities required in order to cope with many internal and external factors. Fierce competition in the market, while a short time deliveries, quality, and costs required to keep under tight control. 1. 2 Results Orientation Customer Focus 3 4 Leadership and Constancy of Purpose Processes and Data Management 5 People Development and Participation 6 Continuous Learning, Innovation and Improvement 7 Development of partnerships

Sales and Marketing

"Unconditional Customer Satisfaction" principle, which rose textiles, products are mainly exported to overseas markets and the share of these markets offers to its customers every day with the best service and quality products increases. Since its inception, the validity of the registered export platforms in the first place awards and international quality certificates and the choice of prestigious customers Rose Textile, its products are exported all over the world.